I started playing racquet ball. It looked fun.

I started playing. HOly shit this is fun.

I was smashing the ball against the wall.

I even went out and bought goggles & short shorts. Yes, I’m doing this.

But I start playing with a friend who’s better than me. …

For nearly 12 months — Bitmoji has been the #1 app in the world on iPhone.

That’s a LONG time to be on top. How has it done it?

  1. It’s an app people like to use
  2. It’s been boosted by snapchat, who bought the app for $100M.

Who knew cartoon…

to laugh hard, and laugh often

to win the respect of those who have done it before

and inspire those who will do it next.

to see the beauty in the imperfections of life

and be positive, not negative, though the latter is much easier.

to be as curious and playful as you once were

and know that others have smiled, because you have lived,

this is to have succeeded.


inspired by:

Shaan Puri

do what you do

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